20140719_150735My name is Adam Spielman and I was born in the year of the rat, 1984, in the mile high city.  I grew up in Minnesota where I developed a taste for hockey, dark beer, and good long books to get through the winter.  After a three year stint of teaching in Korea, I came back home for one more shot at publishing my fiction.

And this blog is ground zero.  Short stories, novels, web series, I’ll be posting everything here.  You can navigate me through the above menu and there’s a portal around here somewhere.  If you see something you like, please feel free to follow, comment, and share.

Jim stories

This front page reddit post started a strange journey through the Devil’s Paradise, and it will eventually culminate in the illustrated novella – Book of Jim: Agnostic Parables and Dick Jokes from Lucifer’s Paradise.  Estimated release is January 2015.  You can find all of the stories right here.

The original story, 1 Truth Road, also inspired a short film called LIMBO.  Jon Benjamin (voice of Archer) stars as Jim.  When the film is released it will be posted all over this blog.  Here’s the promo video that went with the kickstarter that made the film possible.

 More info about the film and the kickstarter here.


Jarmo_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg My first novel.  Dark comedy/Satire/Fantasy.  It’s about an amoral wizard who’s decided it’s more fun to screw with people than to help them.  You can check out the prologue here  and another excerpt from the middle of the novel here.

The full novel is available on Kindle and in paperback.  (here)

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  1. All looking very good, Adam. Congrats!

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