20140719_150735drowningdream was born Adam Spielman in 1984, the year of Orwell and the Chinese rat.  He grew up in Minnesota where he played hockey and read books.  After stealing a few degrees out of the humanities department of the local university, he taught English in the mountains of Gangwon-do South Korea and wrote his first novel, Jarmo.  His second novel, Book of Jim – and the short film Limbo – is probably why you’re here, and you can find Jim’s page by staring really hard at these words.

Alright, now that we got rid of the chaff I’ll ditch the third-person nonsense.  Hi there.  I’m a writer and this is my blog.  Almost everything you’ll find here is content, whether it’s a wacky new adventure up in Jim’s paradise, an excerpt from a novel, a sci-fi short story, or something else.  Everything is independent, self-published, off-the-record, under-the-table, and (probably) original.  Feel free to roam about, read as much or as little as you can bear, and leave whatever comments you like.

And maybe you’re wondering what’s up with this drowningdream business.  drowningdream is my reddit handle, where I also post a good deal of flash-fiction on /r/writingprompts.  If you’ve got the itch to create or consume some wild free-for-all fiction, you should stumble over there some time.  We’re a competitive bunch, but we’re friendly.

Jim stories

This front page reddit post started a strange journey through the Devil’s Paradise, and it eventually became an illustrated novella – Book of Jim: Agnostic Parables and Dick Jokes from Lucifer’s Paradise.

Book of Jim eReader illustration Internal Cover

cover and illustrations by Pat Jensen

It’s available on Amazon in paperback or on kindle.

The original story, 1 Truth Road, also inspired a short film called LIMBO.  Jon Benjamin (voice of Archer) stars as Jim.  Directed by Fangso Lui and produced by Haines Landry, Andrew Napier, and Dan Mintz.  It’s fucking awesome, and you can check it out right here (NSFW warning):

 More info about the film and the kickstarter that made it possible here.


Jarmo_Cover_for_Kindle.jpg My first novel.  Dark comedy/Satire/Fantasy.  It’s about an amoral wizard who’s decided it’s more fun to screw with people than to help them.  You can check out the prologue here  and another excerpt from the middle of the novel here.

The full novel is available on Kindle and in paperback.  (here)

3 comments on “Home
  1. All looking very good, Adam. Congrats!

  2. Ben says:

    What’s the password for the video?

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